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Will the “Vampire Killer” Kill Again?

A better question might be, why in the hell would anybody possibly allow the “Vampire Killer” to kill again? Tracey Wigginton, 54, was dubbed the “Lesbian Vampire Killer” after she murdered Edward Baldock in 1989 in Brisbane, Australia. She stabbed him 27 times and drank some of his blood in what was called in the press “one of the most brutal and bizarre crimes Australia has ever seen”. She was released on parole a few years back, because sure, why not? Now she’s posting on Facebook, because that’s what paroled psycho murderers ought to be doing. Such niceties as “Now panic because I’m back f—ers”. The police officers who investigated the case and helped put Wigginton in prison have stated that her parole ought to be reviewed. Ya think?!

Like any serial killer, Wigginton started out killing animals before she progressed to killing a human being. Perhaps most disturbingly, she chose Baldock as a victim at random.

File this one under WHAT IN THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?! Seriously, how can some people *not* see that the coyote is going to go over the side of the cliff again? The writing is on the wall, ya bunch of silly Aussies. When this person offends again, the blood spilled will be on the hands of whatever idiot stamped her parole approval.

TheCheezman • March 4, 2019

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