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The title of this article is rhetorical. I have no doubts that the show will survive. I have accepted that, as with THE SIMPSONS and the scourge that is AMERICAN IDOL, THE WALKING DEAD will NEVER leave television. No, the real question should be, how much will it change? We know that there’s going to be a jump forward in time for the upcoming season. And we know that Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, will be leaving the show after season nine. We already knew, but Lincoln made it official with an announcement at the recent San Diego Comic-Con. Grimes is still alive and kickin’ in the THE WALKING DEAD comic book, so getting rid of him on the show might be a tad awkward, but the show has already deviated from the storyline of the comics considerably and in numerous ways. They’ll make it work.

I can’t speak for the other fans of the show, but personally, I only watch it for the zombies. I’ve made no bones about it—although I was asked to tone it down a bit, lest I risk alienating some of our readers—that I’m not a huge mark for this show. To me it’s so derivative of what George Romero created and doesn’t measure up. It’s ersatz zombie action. I never became attached to any of the human characters. I tune in to see zombies. I expect there are enough fans like me to keep the show rolling along just fine without Lincoln. As long as they don’t run out of zombies.

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TheCheezman • July 30, 2018

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