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-Will Warner Brothers “Conjure” New Supernatural Threats?

Recently the folks at bloody disgusting asked Gary Dauberman, who is the writer of ANNABELLE, ANNABELLE: CREATION, and THE NUN, and the writer/director of ANNABELLE COMES HOME, whether or not Warner Brothers, the studio that owns all the THE CONJURING franchise, might one day bring in some of the other Horror properties under their umbrella? Said Dauberman: “…I feel like we’d all be immediately taken out of it, because you’d know that was just created for a movie, maybe…You know what I mean? Whereas we like to ground [the CONJURING movies] and have some sense of authenticity, that some of this stuff has really happened, or similar things have happened, inspired by the true events. I think as soon as you get the ‘oh, that was a movie’ you know you’re watching a movie and suddenly it becomes a little less scary…” Yeah, I know what he means. But then I started thinking about some of the possibilities. What if it were revealed in a future movie that the evil presence behind Annabelle the doll was none other than…Freddy Krueger! What if the cinematic Warrens were summoned to investigate a haunting, and at the end of it they realized the force behind said haunting was Pennywise?

THE CONJURING movies are not true stories. They are fictionalized accounts of fictionalized accounts of things that supposedly happened. (Yes, there is reason to doubt that some of the hauntings, like Amityville and the Enfield Poltergeist, ever actually happened. No, I wouldn’t visit the Warren’s Occult Museum and take the real Annabelle doll out of its glass cage. Why risk it?) I think we’re far enough removed from real-world reality that the audience would accept the inclusion of entirely fictional characters. What do you think?

TheCheezman • June 28, 2019

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