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William Shatner Takes On Vampires

The Shat, doing his best MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 impression, riffing on Horror flicks from the legendary and notorious Full Moon Studios? Yes, please! Where do I sign up? Oh, right here? Excellent! This wondrous wonder is officially titled WILLIAM SHATNER’S FULL MOON FRIGHT NIGHT. It’s a stroke of genius by the guys over at Full Moon. Take their movies that have been out for awhile and everybody has seen (everybody who WANTS to see them, that is, all the Full Moon faithful) and re-release them with William Shatner providing color commentary. It does make one want to watch them all over again, doesn’t it?

The Shat doesn’t just take on the vampires, though. He covers such Full Moon classics as CASTLE FREAK, HEAD OF THE FAMILY, SHRUNKEN HEADS, and even more vampires in the SUBSPECIES films.

Hold on, though. The SUBSPECIES movies are actually pretty good, overall. MST3K jumped the shark when they ran out of cheesy movies to mock and started picking on good ones. The formula doesn’t work that way. No need to worry, says the Shat: “Fright Night is about horror, both horror of the gasping quality and of the tittering quality. On Fright Night, we’re gonna have both kinds of horror films. We’re gonna be horrified, and we’re gonna laugh.” Good. No forced mirth, then, at the expense of appreciation of a decent film. The mocking will only occur when and where it is warranted, says the Shat. We can trust him. Would Captain Kirk lie to you?

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TheCheezman • May 19, 2017

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