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WORLD WAR Z 2 Delayed Again

If you want an example of just how stupid Hollywood can be, and just how massively it can screw up, look no further than the THE HOBBIT movies. These were guaranteed blockbusters. There was no risk involved at all on the part of the studios. They KNEW these movies would succeed. Yet they couldn’t get their collective shit together for YEARS, years during which the project just sat in time-out and contracted talent came and went (fans will forever wonder what Guillermo Del Toro could have done with the franchise) and collected paychecks. A good second example of this kind of screwing around would be the WORLD WAR Z sequel. The first one made money. The sequel would/will make money. Yet the studios can’t seem to get this movie made.

Brad Pitt is still serving as producer and is scheduled to reprise his role, but director David Fincher has decided to film the second season of the Netflix series MINDHUNTER instead. The director’s chair being empty, they can choose to find a new director, wait until Fincher’s schedule opens up, or scrap the whole thing. Which option will they choose? A long delay does not necessarily guarantee that a movie, when it finally does come out, will be severely flawed, but these repeated postponements aren’t a good sign.

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TheCheezman • May 14, 2018

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