X-Men VS. Vampires

According to the guys over at IGN.com,  the X-Men are coming back in a brand new series, but this time around our beloved comic book heroes will be battling against, you guessed it, vampires.

An interview with writer Victor Gischler give us the details on the new series:

IGN Comics: Victor, let’s first get a sense of where this series operates in the X-franchise. What is the focus of X-Men? We’re hearing something about vampires – how do they factor into the opening arc?

Gischler: Vampires are the adversaries in the first arc, and the way we’re approaching the bloodsuckers is going to be pretty cool. But that’s just the first arc. Vampires don’t define this new X-men team. The X-men have been fighiting for survival for a long tim, but this is the X-Men team the represents a new era. This team engages the Marvel U more in a proactive, mission-oriented way.

IGN Comics: In terms of tone and content, how will this series compare to Uncanny X-Men? Aside from the presence of vampires, how will readers distinguish these two titles?

Gischler: The tone will be appropriate for the X-men people know, but, as stated above, the tone is somewhat of a re-embracing of “with great power comes great responsibility” as the X-Men take on missions to defend humanity from all threats.

IGN Comics: How closely will this series work with Uncanny X-Men? Are they intended to be sister titles as they once were some 20 years ago?

Gischler: As things evolve, anything could happen, but they titles will remain fairly independent, at least at first. But the folks back at mighty Marvel headquarters always have their radar up for good story opportunities.

IGN Comics: When X-Men Vol. 2 #1 was introduced in 1991, it made the iconic move of shifting the team into blue and gold groups. Are we going to see a similar dividing line with this new book? Can you discuss the roster you will be working with?

Gischler: Not so formal. For the first arc it’ll be all hands on deck. But after that, we will setle down into a “core roster.” That picture will snap into focus a bit better after things shake out in the first arc.

Read the full interview here.

– Moonlight

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