Your Invitation to the Newest Vampire MMORPG: City of Eternals

City of Eternals is big news if you’re into vampire browser games. I admit to being hopelessly addicted to games like Bloodlines, by Playdom, or Vampire Wars, by Zynga, –both available on Myspace. The problem with these games is the time it takes to play them, and the limited interaction that would be quick to bore the hell out of you if you didn’t have to wait hours for your energy and stamina to regenerate.

Finally, a solution to boring browser games that consume more time than they’re worth! Ohai presents: City of Eternals! The game is being officially launched on January 27th, so you’ll be ahead of the competition by a week, and you’re also getting 100 FREE ohais, –game currency that will cost real money once the game launches.

City of Eternals is giving us 100 invitations, so sign up fast!

Get your FREE, exclusive invitation here. Just enter your email, and you’ll get a free early invitation to the game, before anyone else, –plus, 100 FREE ohais.But remember, there are only 100 invitations available via this link, so first come, first save. HURRY!

Be sure to get back to us here, and tell us what you thought of the game. Keep in mind, the game is in Alpha stage, and there are still new features to add.

By annimi

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