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Zombie Pig Brains

I couldn’t quite decide where to park this one. Typically if an article is animal-related, I’ll post it on our sister site That’s where I handle such topics as cryptozoology, cannibalism, demons, serial killers, Sasquatch, any sort of monster that is inclined to eat you, and the requisite subject, werewolves. Here we deal with all things undead: vampires of all shapes and sizes, zombies, ghosts, mummies, revenants; I do categorize bats as belonging here, despite the fact that they are flesh-and-blood animals, because of the folkloric connection to vampires.

This story here, though, could easily fit in either bracket. It involves zombified pig brains. You see my problem here. Ultimately I chose to designate it fodder for vampire marks, but feel free to share it with any werewolf lovers you may know.

Scientists were able to partially revive the brains of pigs hours after the animals were slaughtered. Though the brains displayed nothing “that would indicate awareness or consciousness” the guys in the labcoats were able to prove “the death of brain cells could be halted and that some connections in the brain [could be] restored.” The study will “fuel debate about the barrier between life and death.” And possibly create zombie pigs. Scientists were so concerned that the brains might become aware that they dosed them with drugs to suppress higher brain function. What if they hadn’t?

The report comes from the BBC so you know it’s legit. This ain’t no Fox News thang.

TheCheezman • May 3, 2019

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