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Zombie Pig

I don’t know why they chose to call their business “Zombie Pig.” I don’t know if they are Horror lovers, or if they just thought it was funny. Nor do I care. I’m just glad they did. For one thing, any time we can have more zombie references in the world, that’s a good thing. Also the fact that there is a business called “Zombie Pig” affords me the opportunity to write an article about it.

Zombie Pig is a barbeque joint in Columbus, Georgia. Fortunately I dig on barbeque, but I would have had to visit Zombie Pig even if they were serving frog’s legs, which is the one dish I can think of that I DON’T like. Then again, if they were a frog legs restaurant, the name “Zombie Pig” wouldn’t make much sense. They’d have to call the place “Legless Frog” or something. But no, they serve barbeque. Really yummy barbeque.

I was traveling through Columbus this past week and felt the need to fill the old stomach. A quick Internet search revealed the existence of Zombie Pig. The decision as to what to have for lunch was made. It would be barbeque. Fortunately my lovely better half also likes barbeque, though admittedly not as much as me. She also likes zombies, but not as much as me. She’s a good sport, though. We had barbeque.

As for the name, I couldn’t find anyone who knew WHY the owners had chosen to call their place “Zombie Pig.” I was assured that the pork served there came from fully dead pigs. Even I would have been leery of eating meat cut from a shambling, undead hog.

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TheCheezman • July 9, 2018

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