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Zombie versus Shark!

As I sit typing this, the annual SHARK WEEK event on Discovery Channel has just wrapped, as has SHARKFEST on National Geographic. We are still a couple of weeks away from the opening in theaters of THE MEG, as well the opening of my original stage play SHARK: THE BLOODY SUMMER OF 1916, which chronicles the true story that inspired JAWS (and which writer Peter Benchley later denied). It’s safe to say I’ve got sharks on the brain. Then, like that proverbial lightbulb, it hits me: the scene where a zombie fights a shark in Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE, which itself just celebrated an anniversary of its release in American theaters.

I will assume that you’ve all seen it by this point. If you haven’t, don’t tell anyone. No need to embarrass yourself. My question for you is, do you agree with the way the scene went down in the movie? Personally I think the shark should’ve shredded the zombie.

Considering that it was a real Tiger shark they used for the scene, I’ve wondered how they managed to film it without the ACTOR getting shredded. It’s because they fed the shark immediately before filming commenced. Also, they drugged it. Heavily. The shark was feeling so good it probably didn’t even notice there was an actor made up as a zombie wrestling with it. (Note: It was actually the shark’s trainer.)

TheCheezman • August 7, 2018

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